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Tyson Teubner

An accomplished Asset Manager and Property Developer with extensive involvement in the property industry spanning over 18 years. With more than a decade spent at senior levels, he has cultivated a profound understanding of real estate investment, driven by a passionate pursuit of knowledge. Through unwavering commitment and exposure to diverse environments, he has consistently sought to challenge conventional norms and achieve remarkable outcomes.

Tyson's background encompasses fixed/financial asset and portfolio management, operations, property development, and quantity surveying. His comprehensive experience has provided the bedrock for astute real estate acumen, ranging from overseeing small-scale residential projects to orchestrating multi-million-pound mixed-use developments.

His core areas of expertise lie in strategy, operations, financial structuring, debt raising,, change management, thought leadership, general management, business development, mixed use, residential and commercial property portfolios and developments. These competencies empower him to lead teams and guide leaders in executing real estate strategies and operations, facilitating informed decision-making.


Beyond his professional endeavours, Tyson nurtures a passion for outdoor activities, relishing hiking, tennis, and immersive nature experiences. He understands the significance of a harmonious work-life balance, recognizing that self-reflection amidst nature fosters a sound body and mind.

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